What is the Orion Management Trainee Program?
Orion Management Trainee Program

The Orion Management Trainee Program offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to partner with us (ORION Wealth Academy) and start their business ventures. With flexible scheduling and comprehensive support, we welcome individuals to join us on their journey to success at their convenience.
We(the academy) provide the project strategy, technological support, and physical venues located at The Intermark Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And at your end, we need that entrepreneurial passion from you.
At Orion, we offer project strategy, technological support, and premier physical venues conveniently situated at the capital city of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. All we ask is for your entrepreneurial passion to drive our shared success. Join us and unleash your potential today! 
So now, let’s explore how our Management Trainees can benefit from this program.

What are the benefits of an Orion Management Trainee?

Huge opportunity for commercial profit with a flexible business model

The most important advantage of Orion Management Trainee is its flexibility and multi-faceted business model, with target customers applicable to people from all walks of life.

Continuous Income Sharing

When a member of your team decides to start their workshop, you will continue to benefit from a portion of their income as your commission. Projected annual incomes range from 8 to 10 million or more.
Our promotion path, scoring system, and standards are transparent. All we expect from our trainees is passion, execution, and the potential to grow and earn without limits.

Learn our trading strategy and earn

You can learn the trading manipulation strategies of large fund companies for free. Additionally, learn how to become a trading signal provider. We aim for daily earnings, and our Management Trainees could be on the signal list to start earning commissions and taking orders from other traders.


The Orion Management Trainee program aims to cultivate leadership characteristics among our trainees. You’ll receive training to mentor other students, trainees, or forex traders, collaborating as a team to generate profits.
In a scenario where some students or traders prefer to invest for profits without learning to trade, we can guide them to become a ‘copier’ in copy trading. As a copier, their role is to follow the signal provider’s trading signals and earn a commission.

Easy learning path

From 0 to 1, the strategy plan and path are clearly outlined, allowing our Management Trainees to follow the learning syllabus seamlessly. Our marketing team will handle pre-publicity on your behalf, and a portion of the gains obtained will be shared as profits.

Strategic and convenience location

Located in the vibrant capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, ORION Wealth Academy offers a strategic location for aspiring traders. Accessible by MRT/LRT, the nearest station is on the Ampang Line, just opposite The Intermark Mall.
For those driving, simply use Waze or Google Maps to reach us at The Intermark, 348, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival, head to level G and walk to Integra Tower to begin your trading journey.
Nearby MRT Ampang Park

Low cost and risks

Regardless of your educational background, the Orion Management Trainee program offers a low threshold for entry, focusing instead on your passion for the Forex Industry.

With a startup cost of just a thousand dollars for trainees interested in starting a workshop, the program ensures accessibility. Moreover, operational costs remain low, with minimal post-maintenance expenses. 

The program also entails low risks, requiring only a small capital investment, and prioritizing your dedication and effort. Despite these low costs and risks, participants can expect high yields, as demonstrated by the success stories of our seasoned traders.
And…last but not least

Orion Trading Coach

Forex Trading Coach

Private coaching

Early joiners receive exclusive benefits, including access to a comfortable venue for learning and private coaching sessions. Take advantage of this opportunity to kickstart your journey with personalized support and a conducive learning environment.

Some success stories from your seniors

We’ve been running the Orion Management Trainee program for over 20 years. Some long-term participants like Adrian and Andy, who joined us in our early days, have successfully launched their trading workshops. They’ve achieved milestones such as buying houses and cars and also providing quality private education for their children. Our most recent success story is Mr. Kamil, who joined our program less than 6 months ago and has seen his account assets grow by 1.5 times. Overall, our management trainee graduates have raised their standard of living.
Find out how your senior, Kamil who made a staggering 112% return using our trading strategy
Finally, by joining the Orion Management Program, you will unlock endless possibilities for personal growth and financial gain. With every milestone you achieve, the rewards and commissions you receive will increase.
Seize the opportunity to transform your future with the Orion Management Trainee Program. Join us now and embark on a journey of personal and financial success. Don’t wait any longer, take the first step today!

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