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Operation Tips:
Sell if price goes near T1, T2 first, or buy if price goes near T3 or T4 first, take profits when price moves near to another line, stop loss when price goes out of four lines.

Excellent trading strategy proven over 20 years

High Win Rate

The winning rate in the past 20 years has been close to 80%. In the past 6 years, fund products using this trading strategy have achieved positive returns for 72 consecutive months.

Clear Instructions

Simply buy or sell based on the critical price levels we suggest, including Entry Level, Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Authoritative Application

This trading strategy has been used in the management of fund products worth hundreds of millions by global investment institutions.

Orion Trading Strategy

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ORION trading strategy provides subscribers with trading signals during trading, including the entry level, profit point and stop loss level of the trading target, and provides suggestions on whether to buy or sell after the price reaches these points.

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