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This beginner course is specifically designed for new investors and forex traders, aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of basic knowledge and concepts. The course covers various aspects from the fundamental principles of the forex market to investment strategies. We will start with the workings of the forex market, major currency pairs, trading tools, and the basics of technical analysis, gradually guiding participants to understand market dynamics and trading strategies.

What Will I Learn?

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Course Contents

Lesson 1: Awareness of Investment

Why should we invest? What investment options are available? What are the returns and risks of investing?

Lesson 2: Basic Economics Knowledge

Explain the main economic factors affecting the foreign exchange market, including inflation, interest rates, policy announcements, etc., the world's major central banks and their policies.

Lesson 3: Forex Trading Basics

What is Forex Trading? How does it work? Who are its key players? What are its advantages and disadvantages compared with other investment methods? Its historical story and current scale.

Lesson 4: Forex Trading Terms

Explain the commonly used terms in foreign exchange transactions, such as pips, spreads, buy/sell, leverage, margin, etc. Foreign exchange order types: market price & limit price。

Lesson 5: Forex Trading Platform Tutorial

How to open an account on the trading platform, set up accounts and targets, configure templates, draw lines, perform buying and selling operations, set stop loss/take profit, etc.


No, it doesn’t. This course is designed for absolute beginners and does not require any prior investment or forex knowledge.

Yes, the course is intended to provide sufficient foundational knowledge for you to start basic trading. However, we recommend that beginners engage in ample practice and learning before beginning to trade.

The course includes a combination of theoretical learning and practical operations, but specific trading practice may need to be carried out by the students on their own after the course ends.

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