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Fundamental Analysis Video Lesson

What Will I Learn?

Course Contents

Lesson 1: Trading Plan

4 min

Lesson 2: Trader Types

3 min

Lesson 3: Trading System

3 min

Lesson 4: Trading Journal

4 min

Lesson 5: Risk Management

Lesson 6: Position Sizing

Lesson 7: Stop Losses

Lesson 8: Scaling In and Out

Lesson 9: Currency Correlations

Lesson 10: The Most Common Trading Mistakes NewTraders Make

Lesson 11: How traders lose all money in Forex Market


No, it doesn’t. This course is designed for absolute beginners and does not require any prior investment or forex knowledge.

The course will include case studies and simulated trading to help students apply the knowledge they’ve learned.

This course is designed to enhance your trading skills, but becoming a professional trader also requires continuous learning and the accumulation of practical experience.

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