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This elite course is specially designed for experienced traders, focusing on trading psychology, market elimination mechanisms, fundamental qualities of investors, and advanced position management strategies. The course will delve into the impact of trading psychology on successful trading, common patterns of failure in the market, stages of investor development, and how to manage positions efficiently. Additionally, the course will teach how to follow market trends and strictly implement stop-loss strategies to ensure long-term survival in the market.

What Will I Learn?

Who is this course for?

Course Contents

Lesson 1: Trading Psychology

Explain how to manage trading emotions, stay rational, and avoid blind greed and panic.

Lesson 2: Why the market eliminates individual traders?

How individual traders are eliminated by the market? Four key habits that will lead you to loss

Lesson 3: Investor Qualities and Growth stages

Basic qualities of an investor, and the stages that need to experience..

Lesson 4: Position Management

Funnel, rectangular, pyramidal

Lesson 5: Survival Strategies in the market

The way you can survive in the market: follow the trend & SL strictly.


It’s recommended to have intermediate to advanced trading experience, familiar with basic trading strategies and market analysis techniques.

Yes, the course includes a wealth of case studies and simulated operations to help students practice what they have learned.

The course aims to enhance your ability to control trading psychology, risk management skills, and market analysis capabilities, helping you become a more mature and steady trader.

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